“Lots of work and little talk.
Deliver results and move on.

That’s Jeryl’s way.


What I’m a genius at: People

Rather than be annoyed by your customers, I like them. And they like that.

I’m analytical and understand numbers, facts, and data. But I also understand human beings. Most businesses do one or the other really well. I do both. (No shit. With me you get both!) I have an endless curiosity about what makes people tick and am fascinated by them, so when it comes to taking care of your customers, I possess an almost psychic sense of what people feel, fear, aspire to, and want to experience.

Rather than be annoyed by your customers, I like them. And they like that.
Instead of wishing their problems would just go away, I fix them. And they love that.

Customers need to feel like they matter, and it’s one of the reasons clients stay loyal over the years. When I work with people they know they matter, and that any problem they have will get fixed. (Because that’s what I do. I fix shit.) They know hell or high water I will take care of them. And I always do. I can do that for you too.

Other ways I kick ass: Processes and Systems

I have all kinds of magic powers in a marketing organization, especially online.

Behind the scenes I am able to quickly and skillfully navigate complex technical details.I can do math and logic in my head and manipulate numbers with ease. I have the ability to adhere to plans, follow routines, and make things predictable, so you don’t have to. And that makes your world a lot more fun.

This prowess includes the arranging, systematizing, and codifying of plans, scripts and stages of everything. Expert copy editing and a little copywriting here and there, as well as market research and various forms of strategy. And not to be undervalued—epic negotiation—the effective, diplomatic, “get it your way” kind.
Pretty straight forward.

Sometimes you need a stabilizing force in tumultuous situations and someone to play a mediating role between team members. I’m good at that. Basically I can do the jobs and the work of 3 people, not only with surprising grace and ease, but with a damn good sense of humor too.

How to know if you need toJerylize:


Shit’s just A MESS!

You are connecting with people and bringing in new clients but what happens after that isn’t something that you’ve really got a handle on. There are either no programs in place, or the ones that are in place aren’t really being used properly.


You aren’t totally clear what your NET PROFIT is

You don’t have a true handle on how much running your business costs you because you either don’t have the systems in place, or underutilize the ones you do have.  Important information isn’t being tracked and things are falling through the cracks.


Your team has NO IDEA who does what…

…or how to work together because they are all on their own little islands, doing what they do best. But they’re not integrated and communicating as a team, and that’s just not good for your business.


Your customer care is LESS THAN STELLAR

Your customers aren’t being taken care of the way they should, so you aren’t building long term, loyal, fans for life – the way you need to. Your customers don’t always stick around..even when they get value from your products and services

The Back Story…

I was always bored in school. Took the hardest classes but rarely attended. Showed up for the exams and passed. Decided college wasn’t for me. Went to a 9-month program at a business school (back when we used typewriters and White Out) and then made my way out into the world where I had too many misadventures to count.

Fast forward – I was pregnant with my daughter and determined to always be there for her so I decided that I would find a way to work from home. Sold my Harley and bought, among other things, my first computer. Took many wrong paths but eventually the planets aligned and I ran with it.

Over the years, I worked with many of the top internet marketers, including a guy named Frank. Everything I do, I taught myself as necessity arose. Customer care,  event planning, technical editing, working with software and CRM platforms – all self- taught. Whatever needs to be done, I can either do it already, or I can learn how. Quickly.  That’s just my way.

I was born and raised in Connecticut, where I still live with my husband, daughter, various assorted stepchildren, and two cats. On any given weekend, you can find me watching my daughter perform in one of her many activities. I love a good book, a great glass of wine, and I will never turn down an opportunity for an amazing meal with friends.

I listen to everything from Metallica to Sheryl Crow to Hank Williams. On my favorite bookshelf you will find Gone With the Wind, Mists of Avalon, Celestine Prophecy, and an assortment of Stephen King from days gone by.

Boston is one of my favorite places to go for a good time with my family, or a romantic getaway with my husband. I just love this city. It has everything—Irish Pubs, the Freedom Trail, and the Red Sox.

I do anything and everything related to running and building an internet marketing empire, including customer care, which is my claim to fame.

See how I can Jerylize YOUR Business.