Put It In The FAQ!

Put It In The FAQ!

So why “Put It In The FAQ?”  Well, I recently had an experience that prompted me to write this post.  In fact, it really left me shaking my head over the whole thing.  I loathe having to call Customer Service for anything unless I really have to – I’d much rather go to the company website and look up the answer myself in their FAQ section.

We made a rather expensive purchase and I had a question on how one of the features worked, so off I went to the company website, in search of their FAQs.  I found it and pored over it, seeking the answer to my question.

Not finding what I was looking for, I was forced to call Customer Service and I was connected with a very friendly woman who was more than happy to help me.  I actually felt silly, because the answer to my question was pretty obvious, had I given it a bit more thought, and I should have been able to figure it out myself.  I told her that and she replied, “Oh don’t worry about it – we get this question all the time!”

ALL THE TIME?  They get this question all the time and it’s not in their FAQ section?  How many unnecessary phone calls do they get?  Can you imagine how much time would be freed up if just this one question were answered on their website?  And I’m sure that if this question isn’t answered in their FAQ, there must be many others as well.

Here’s my advice:  Regularly audit the questions that are coming into your Customer Service department.  If you find that you’re getting repeat questions, do your Customer Service department a favor and…Put It In The FAQ!

Cheers!  🍷


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