After your business has been Jerylized…

Your business is now internally sound.

It’s an organized, well-run machine, which also means more productive, happy team members. With better customer care and accountability, important things are tracked and managed and you always know where you’re at in your business.

You hire more people that sell more of your stuff and that means more money. Which is fun.

Your customers couldn’t be more satisfied. They tell everyone how amazing you are. Not only do you have a healthy, efficient business and customers that couldn’t be more satisfied, you also have more money in your bank account.

And it was easier than ever. And you just can’t put a price on that.


Praise & Results from Cool People

Watching the way Jeryl has handled customer service over the last 10 years has had a profound impact on how we treat our customers today. She’s the perfect balance between light heartedness and no-nonsense business. If you’re ever in need of someone who can streamline your business and take world-class care of your people, Jeryl is like winning the Megabucks lottery. If she has any available openings, I’d grab them while you can because they likely won’t last for long.

Jason Moffatt

Internet Marketer, Profit Moffatt

Jeryl is that human element that connects you and your company, closely, to the clients you already have, as well as the clients you’re going to get. She’s that conversion factor, she’s that stick factor, she’s the person who is not only going to bring you business, but keep your business, in a way that’s very specialized. Especially if you’ve got high-end clients – she’s been doing that for years. It’s hard to find that, let alone hire that. Jeryl is the best investment you will ever make in your business.

Darren Monroe

Business Coach for High Ticket Sales & Branding

Working with Jeryl is like working with a better version of yourself. She has the understanding and patience to handle the most demanding of requests with grace. She’s organized and efficient beyond belief. And she’s an action-taker and problem-solver, someone who handles enormous projects independently. You’d think someone with this particular skillset would also be a real stick- in-the-mud, but Jeryl’s funny as hell too and a joy to work with.

Michelle MacPhearson

Authority Blueprint

Jeryl Massini-Ryan is a force to be reckoned with. She gets things done, makes your clients/customers feel valued and has experience that’s hard to find if you’re an Internet marketer, run events, or even if you have a brick and mortar operation. If you need a great balance of skills work with her.

Dave Frees

Dave Frees Attorney, Marketing-Persuasion Expert and Event Sponsor, Business Black Ops

“I absolutely love Jeryl’s work! She’s always been very professional, extremely organized and always comes from a place of integrity. She definitely works really hard and is amazing at what she does! If you’re looking into working with Jeryl, I would highly recommend her to anybody.”

Natalie Ledwell

Co-Founder, Mind Movies

Jeryl is an authentic and generous person with a work ethic second to none. In a world of phonies and fake smiles, there’s no pretension with Jeryl. She’s a top notch service manager because she genuinely loves helping people, but mostly because she knows what it takes to excel and is willing to do it. Few others can make that claim.

Palyn Peterson

Youth Project Grants, The Peterson League

Jeryl is amazing to work with. Jeryl is creative, open-minded, experienced and professional – always courteous and with ONE goal in mind: To deliver first class customer experience. She’s energetic, motivated and highly organized. “Lots of work and little talk. Deliver results and move on.” – That’s Jeryl’s way.

Markus Heitkoetter

Jeryl, my long-suffering right hand person of 10+ years has turned down my pleas for her to move out here, rather than working remotely from the other side of the country. She has realized that her talents and passions are better utilized for helping people become successful, who still have a ways to go yet. We have both immensely enjoyed working together over these many years and things just won’t be the same around here without her. I wish her the best of everything that life has to offer and I recommend her highly.

Frank Kern

I met Jeryl for the first time a few years back at at a 500-attendee seminar event in San Diego. She was in charge of the team handling all the behind-scenes organization: from materials, to registration, to sales.

You talk about pressure where a hundred things can and do go wrong (at the same time)… And yet, the event ran smoothly, with Jeryl in control, always smiling, while making sure both the presenters and the attendees had a great time. I’ve been Frank Kern’s client for years and I’ve had many interactions with Jeryl: from product purchases, to event registrations to questions… And all of it — EVERY SINGLE exchange was pleasant, handled with professionalism, knowledge, and total care. First class service all around! 


Founder/CEO, Borino Productions

As an entrepreneur, last minute situations arise requiring rescheduling, the receipt of timely relevant info and occasional handholding. Over the past 5 years I’ve had to rely on Jeryl to handle all of these situations and she done it without a hiccup. I don’t know how she does it… She just does!

Lewis Lewis

Naked Viral Media, Inc.

I was a student of a couple of Frank Kern’s courses and any questions or customer support issues I had, Jeryl responded to almost immediately. It became apparent to me that she was the foundation to his business running successfully. And when I attended a live three day workshop of Franks’ a couple of years ago, which is a major undertaking, the event and all of the logistics came together for us attending, thanks to Jeryl’s eye for detail.

Billye Thompson

Marketing Consultant

Jeryl is a joy to work with. There are very few people who have that sweet mix of “professionalism meets best buddy” vibe, but somehow Jeryl does it better than anyone. She’ll tame rapid-spreading wildfires in record time, and laugh about it afterwards. Quite simply, she has your back, and she’ll make sure you have a good ol’ time in the process. 

Joshua Voiles

Create, Connect, Contribute

Jeryl is simply awesome! Her customer service is the best I’ve experienced. Not only did she keep things running smoothly for the group coaching programs and private consulting by making sure I was getting my full time with Frank, but Frank’s Mastermind events always went off without hitch. Jeryl is simply the best in the business at running your business. Marty Skibosh

E3 Studios

I’ve had the privilege of working with Jeryl on several occasions over a five year period. Her knowledge, skill-set and integrity is beyond reproach. She solved problems before they even occurred with her critical thinking and no nonsense approach to business. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Jeryl be sure to take advantage of it while you can. She will be a tremendous asset to your business.

Jimmy Harding

Harding Enterprises, LLC

“Jeryl’s level of professionalism is unmatched in her ability to handle all the details, to put your mind at ease, and to take care of you with your best interest at heart. When you hear Jeryl is involved with the project, you know it’s gonna be handled.”

Tom Beal

Remarkable Marketing


Put most simply, Jeryl is the person people hire when they want their most valued clients treated like family.

What more is there to say?  

Parker Winder