Ninja Skills & Badassery

Over the years, I worked with many of the top internet marketers,
including a guy named Frank.

I do anything and everything related to running and building an internet marketing empire,
including customer care, which is my claim to fame. Turns out when your customers
are well taken care of, they love you… and they never leave you.





  • Projects & Launches
  • Events & Masterminds
  • Review & Editing
  • Strategery & Negotiation
Lock And Load!





  • Evaluate Systems
  • Assess Team
  • Pinpoint Mayhem
  • Solve Problems
I need my shit fixed.

Build your


with you.


  • Establish Systems
  • Manage People
  • Create culture
  • Grow Your Business
I'm looking for a #2...

You’ve got it all under control, but there are some things you need to hand off to someone else, and you want to give them to someone you can trust to get the job done right the first time.


  • Short Term
  • Contract-based
  • Specific project or event
  • Trusted Advisor

Secret Weapon Contractor

When you just need to get “the thing” handled.

Sometimes you need a friend. Sometimes you need an expert. And sometimes you just need a Jeryl. I advise, order and implement with stealthy efficiency, clarity and skill. This prowess includes the arranging, systematizing, and codifying of plans, scripts and stages of everything. Expert copy editing and a little copywriting here and there, as well as market research and various forms of strategy. And not to be undervalued—epic negotiation—the effective, diplomatic, “get it your way” kind. Pretty straight forward. I take care of all those little things that can drag you down. The things that keep screaming for attention when your mind should be on other things, more productive things – things that make you money.   You may want to put on an event for your clients.  Whether it’s a small and intimate, quiet weekend retreat or a larger event with lots of moving pieces – I’ve done all that, many times.  All you need to do is sit back and look forward to the event while I take care of everything in the background. Like a boss.  Sometimes you have a question and you just want the answer. But when you want the thing handled, you call me—I’ll probably have your answer too. 


You have great customers but they aren’t being take care of the way they should be. Processes and systems aren’t in place properly and important things are falling through the cracks.


  • Mid-Term
  • Contract or retainer
  • Outcome-oriented
  • Part of your team

Systems & Service Revamp

Give your business the “Jerylize” remedy.

I’m a Chaos Tamer. I order the mayhem that tends to take over your life. The stuff that clutters your mind and your business as a creative and successful entrepreneur.
I am your personal fixer.

What I do in 60 to 90 days:

I roll up my sleeves and get to work figuring out where the pain is.

I assess what the problem is based on talking with you then talking to your team one by one. I find out what their responsibilities are and what they do in their job. I look at the systems you have in place and look at the tools you are using. I determine whether or not they are working for you…or if they are being utilized in the best possible way. If I need to, I will train your team on how to use the tools you have or find another solution that will better serve your needs.

I look at how your customers are being handled and what may be falling through the cracks. I know that customer care is your golden goose, so I make sure your clients are getting very well taken care of and the people on your team know how do that. If they can’t do that, we’ll find people who can. Bottom line – if your customers are not being taken care of properly, that ends up costing you lots of dollars and messes with your reputation.

Better communication with team members and team integration will be put in place, which results in a happier, more productive team working in harmony. You will have internal systems in place that are suited specifically to the culture and nature of your business and everyone who works for you will know how to use them.


You have the vision for building something big, but you need someone you can trust to be your “right-hand man”. 


  • Long Term
  • Partnership
  • Full Time
  • Salary + Profit-Share

Build your Empire with you

If you have the vision, I have the tools. And badassery.

You have the vision for building something big, but you need someone you can trust to be your “right-hand man”. Someone to manage ground control and all the details that twist your brain.

I keep things organized, solve problems—before they are problems—manage pain in the ass people, and make sure that even the stuff you don’t think of gets done.

I’m not only damn good at it, but I actually enjoy doing the “grunt” work for building the foundation of a business with inspired entrepreneur types. I am excellent at putting systems and processes in place—or fixing the ones that are just a disastrous mess—to manage and help grow a business into an empire. If you have the vision for that.

I happen to have mad kick-assery abilities in the realm of Customer Service—so I’ve been told. It’s second nature for me to know how to take care of people and create a culture of family.

One of my superpowers is reading minds, and knowing what people need before they even ask.
Turns out customers love that shit.

And finally there is the matter of gatekeeping. I’ve got ninja skills there as well.

Truly what I am built for, is being someone’s righteous #2.

Working with me is not for you if…

If you do not have FUN in your business.

If you don’t have fun in your business every day, we will not be a good match.
I like to have fun, not drudge through the day.

If you do not feel absolutely PASSIONATE about your business.

If you’re not passionate about your business, I won’t be either.
And believe me, if I’m passionate about your business, we will get phenomenal results.

If you are not head over heels in LOVE with what you do.

If you don’t love what you do, I’m not going to love working with you.
My life doesn’t revolve around a paycheck–it revolves around loving what I do.

If you are not FLEXIBLE and OPEN to new ideas.

Your business is your business and some of it needs to be run your way, but if you’re not open to suggestions, we won’t be a good fit. You will miss out on much of the value I have to offer, and I won’t be a happy camper. And that’s just no good for either of us.

Work with me if…

You are looking for someone to fix a problem,
manage a situation, or a Chaos Tamer to create order out of mayhem.

If the idea of having an experienced bad-ass advisor on retainer, or a rock solid, “dream come true” to build your business with,
or just someone to kick around ideas with and brainstorm ways to make your business more productive, then we should talk.

I’ve been in this business since the beginning of time—I am sure we can come up with some great stuff together!

Hell Yeah! Let's talk!